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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Children's Science Center in Fairfax is a wonderful place for children to discover science. It is located at 11948 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA 22033.  They have labs and activities throughout the center, which are open from 9:30am-4pm on weekdays. They charge $8 per car for non-residents, but it is well worth it! It has so many great things to see and do. Here are a few of our favorite things about this amazing place!


The Children's Science Center Lab of Fairfax is located at 11948 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA 22033. If you are visiting from D.C. or Maryland, you can take the I-66 exit onto Route 28. Follow Route 28 west for about 5 miles and the center will be on your left, near the intersection of Falling Leaf Drive and Oak Drive. If you are coming from Northern Virginia, take the Route 28 exit on Route 7. Follow Route 28 west for about 10 miles and the center will be on your left near the intersection of Oak Drive and Falling Leaf Drive.


The Children’s Science Center of Fairfax is the only research facility in Northern Virginia focused on the development and implementation of hands-on programs using innovative, STEM-focused instructional approaches. The center's mission is to inspire children by engaging them with science through exploration and discovery. The Children's Science Center operates as a not-for-profit organization that serves over 13,000 school children annually. The center is located at 10985 Falling Leaf Drive in Fairfax, Virginia 22193 just a few miles west of Washington D.C.. It was founded in 2008 after a generous donation from the late Margaret Clifton Clifton. Their goal was to create an educational facility where children could learn about nature while exploring the various STEM subjects through fun dynamic activities that engaged them mentally and physically


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The Children’s Science Center offers a variety of hands-on science experiences for children of all ages. The center’s three main labs focus on the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Each lab uses engaging and interactive learning environments that encourage exploration, critical thinking, and creativity. Children’s Science Center of Fairfax offers three main labs. The Biology Lab, the Chemistry Lab, and the Physics Lab. The Biology Lab focuses on topics related to DNA, proteins, cells, and plants The Chemistry Lab focuses on topics related to atoms, molecules, and solids The Physics Lab focuses on topics related to motion, forces, and energy

This exhibit is one of our favorites! It is filled with STEM exhibits and activities, from microscopes and telescopes to engineering challenges and more. We especially loved the microscope, where you can see everything from blood cells, to the beauty of butterfly wings, to the complexity of a coral reef! There is also a great area for kids to do science projects, including a "Molecular Make and Take" activity where you can mix and create molecules right in the center!

Summer Camps are a fun and exciting way for children to engage with science. They cover a wide range of topics including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Activities range from making slime and building rockets to exploring sound and electricity. The camps run from 9am to 3pm on weekdays and are $125 for one week, or $150 for two weeks. For more information, please contact the center at 703-370-3737.


The Children’s Science Center of Fairfax offers a wide range of hands-on activities and programs for children of all ages. The center’s engaging labs offer a variety of interactive experiences designed to inspire children and teach them about the world around them. From the Boil, to the Chem, and the Phys, the center’s labs offer a variety of hands-on activities to teach children about these fields.

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